About Us

Our Team

Health care for your pet really is a team effort. Vets, nurses and receptionists are all crucial in your pet's care. We have a great team, everyone contributes and everyone truly cares about animals. It is a fantastic environment to work in and we'd love to introduce you to some of our people.

All of our team are highly trained. Nurses working in reception do a great job providing useful advice and triaging phone calls, our surgical nurses provide skilled care in the operating theatre as well as dedicated hospital care and post-op nursing. Our vets are all very experienced and provide leadership and drive for the whole team.

Our Vets

Our vets have decades of experience and one of our vets has advanced training in pharmacology and extensive experience in chemotherapy.  

Our vets; Oliver, Richard, Cheryll and Amber form a stable cohesive team. Oliver, Richard and Cheryll have been with the clinic for over fifteen years each! You know who you'll be seeing and the vets and our dedicated nurses work collaboratively on cases

Our Nurses & Receptionists

Nurses are the backbone of any veterinary clinic. They field a million phone queries, triage animals, take bloods, run diagnostics, place IV lines, monitor anaesthesia, assist with surgery, take radiographs, set up IV fluid pumps, care for the hospital cases, manage the sterile surgical equipment, order supplies, keep the vets in line, and the list goes on and on! What would we do without them? We shudder to think.

Reception is the first point of contact and one of the busiest places in the clinic. All our staff at reception have worked or still work as vet nurses. This makes them ideal to answer phone calls about your pets health, triage appointments and offer advice on parasite treatments and dietary requirements. They are a fantastic team!