Maria Alomajan
Pet animal care giver
Dog Trainer
Animal writer

My animals have been under the care of the awesome and learned team at Onewa Road for longer than we have been living in the area (a decade) and certainly Cheryl has been one of our vets for over 25 years! While I have been sitting with my cats and dogs and various rescue animals over the years I have shared the waiting room with hedgehogs, chickens, guinea pigs and birds…and all these animals receive the same amount of respect as care as the other.


But it’s not just the care and respect that appeals to me, it’s the continued learning the staff undertake, the consultation they make with each other and other specialists in trying to be as accurate as possible when dealing with your animal, how they will seek out treatment options and new science in an order to help (read lack of arrogance = better animal treatment!).


The staff offer treatment options, thorough no-nonsense medical explanations while understanding this furry thing is one of your babies and you might be a bit emotional. I have had the opportunity to deal with many vet clinics throughout Auckland with rescue work that I do (so it’s not like I haven’t been to others) and I have yet to find any as good as or better than my own. Oliver has endless patience with all my queries regarding rescue animals and the treatment of, and Richard continually supports our furry animals and genuinely cares for them as if they are his own. Lastly, all the people I have referred have been extremely happy with the care their animals get and have never left!


Diana Douglas

I would like to thank you for the wonderful care of Salem, our cat, when he had an abscess on his face. He has fully recovered.

Also it was wonderful - we had all the procedures explained to us and prices, which gave us options. We never felt rushed into decisions which was great.

Thanks once again!!

J and S Peters

I thought my Toffee wouldn't survive but with the treatment she got from you she is still alive and we are happy that we came to you. Toffee is back to normal as she's always been. Excellent, we can not expect for more. 


Thank you very much. 

Wendy Wilton

Very impressed with both reception staff and vets. Recieved the vest care and given invaluable information regarding the care of our pets and how to deal with their problems. We never felt rushed and our pets were showered with love and affection. 

S Fisher


I have only been one to you but have seen several vets around Auckland. I was really happy with the treatment of my cat, the knowledge of the vet and the friendliness towards me, from the start to the end of the consult


T Hutching

I found the vet so friendly and reassuring. He took time to explain my cat's condition in detail and listened as I explained a few of the health issues my previous cat had. He answered my questions and I did not feel rushed or that I was holding him up even though I was his last appointment of the day. The price seemed fine too. Thank you. 


K Scott

I love that the vets take the time to ensure I know what is going on with my girls, what to look out for, and when to come back if necessary. 


L Davis

I think you were wonderful with my 1st visit to you with buttons. Your staff were welcoming, friendly, open and communicative. I was very impressed with the way buttons was handled by Oliver - with respect and dignity - not as a dollar sign to squeeze out all my hard earned cash. I also appreciated Oliver's sensible advice and professionalism.


Shar Stewart

I was thoroughly impressed with the service Coco and I received for our first appointment. The vet took his time, had a great rapport with my dog and offered advice on feeding and all of my general enquiries. We left feeling happy, healthy and with peace of mind that we had made a great choice of vet since moving up north. 


James Mason

Very pleasing to meet a vet who sowed a keen interest in a blind, slightly infirm and ageing dog. I was very impressed by the high degree of patience and professionalism. 



I came from another practice because it was closing. Ray had excellent care at my previous vets so now I have vsited and Ray has seen Richard. I am absolutely reassured that he will be looked after by a team who are dedicated. I am so relieved! Thank you. 


Carly Purdon

The appointment was easy to make and the vet was knowledgeable and efficient. Good service!