Senior Pets


Golden oldies. They've given us so much throughout their lives and now they need a little more help from us in their senior years. Modern veterinary care, vaccination, and good nutrition mean pets live much, much, longer than their counterparts in the wild. It also means they can develop old age conditions. Many of these conditions can be effectively diagnosed and managed. So don't just put changes in your pet down to old age, age is not a disease! Bring them in and let us help.

Senior Pet Check

This is a thorough check up for older pets that may have changes like increased drinking, changes in appetite or unexplained weight loss.

For this check they will usually stay at the clinic for the day and have blood tests for liver and kidney function as well as blood sugar testing for diabetes. Cats are also checked for over active thyroid glands. Along with these blood tests we check blood pressure and analyse the urine.

Dental Disease

Dental disease in common in all ages of animals, but especially in senior pets. It can lead to chronic pain that isn't really obvious to owners. A lot of pet owners are surprised how much happier their pets are after a dental. It's not easy checking your pets teeth, if you suspect dental disease or your pet has bad breath give us a call and let us give them a dental check.


Arthritis is very common in dogs and cats. If often goes unrecognised and can really impact your pets quality of life. If your dog has trouble getting up in the morning or doesn't walk as far as they used to then they may have arthritis. Arthritic cats lose their ability to jump up onto high surfaces. If you think your pet is arthritic give us a call, there is so much we can do to make their life easier and more comfortable.

Senior Nutrition

Senior pets often have special dietary requirements, whether it's a prescription diet for joint disease, kidney disease or a more readily available senior diet. We can help provide the ideal food for your senior pets individual requirement. Diet is definitely not one size fits all!