Nurses and Receptionists


Nurses are the backbone of any veterinary clinic. They field a million phone queries, triage animals, take bloods, run diagnostics, place IV lines, monitor anaesthesia, assist with surgery, take radiographs, set up IV fluid pumps, care for the hospital cases, manage the sterile surgical equipment, order supplies, keep the vets in line, and the list goes on and on! What would we do without them? We shudder to think.


Reception is the first point of contact and one of the busiest places in the clinic. All our staff at reception have worked or still work as vet nurses. This makes them ideal to answer phone calls about your pets health, triage appointments and offer advice on parasite treatments and dietary requirements. They are a fantastic team!



When you have a busy hospital with a complicated case load you need seriously good nursing staff. That's why we hired Serena. Serena is a powerhouse of nursing skill, in fact before we nabbed her she used to train vet nurses! Serena is super dedicated to animal care and we are more than lucky to have her.

Serena particularly enjoys taking radiographs and caring for animals in the hospital.




Maddy is the newest member of the nursing team. She brings a calm and gentle demeanor to the practice, which suits our feline friendly and fear free policies very nicely. Maddy has jumped right into practice with a lot of confidence and we look forward to her getting to know all our precious patients and clients. She lives at home with 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Louie and Hugo,  a very lovable couple of rogues


Brittany has joined our team after being a foster for Saving Hope Foundation she decided it was time for a change to pursue a career in the animal industry. 
In her spare time Brittany likes going out for adventures with her partner Hayley and their two rescue dogs, Vivi and Fifa.
She also enjoys baking yummy dog and human cakes!


Gina is one of our most passionate nurses. She is super dedicated and has a singular focus whether she's monitoring anaesthesia or being super helpful at reception. She cares deeply for all animals but she has a real soft spot in her heart for foster kittens.  We are lucky to have Gina. 


For many years Lauren was our on again off again locum as she travelled the world. Now that she has returned home to NZ she has become a highly valued permanent staff member. Detail oriented and dedicated to patient care, Lauren is also very interested in environmental and wildlife causes. 


Yani is proof that good things come in small packages. While she may not be pushing the boundaries in terms of height, she does when it comes to nursing knowledge. Yani is always keen to learn more and do more. She is constantly updating her skills, which she passes on to the rest of the team. She even teaches the vets a thing or two! Yani is a great team player whose positive attitude lifts everyone's day.

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